Suspiria de Profundis, Record Store Day UK Exclusive

On April 13, 2019, Cadabra Records will release an exclusive Record Store Day edition of Thomas De Quincey's Suspiria de Profundis: Levana and Our Ladies of Sorrow in the UK. It features haunting and appropriately stark art by Al Columbia. Here is an excerpt from J. Blake Fichera’s great liner notes that Rough Trade has highlighted about the 7" record:

Horror story audio book, with musical score. Thomas De Quincey created Our Ladies of Sorrow - three sisters who, each, curse humanity with their own specific aspect of sorrow. It is these three “Maters” or mothers that helped inspire one of Italy’s most beloved maestros of the macabre, Dario Argento, to create his most imaginative and celebrated masterpiece, Suspiria (1980)—as well as its sequels Inferno (1980) and Mother of Tears (2007). Now for the first time, the prose poem that inspired a legendary film series and one of horror’s greatest cinematic masterpieces is presented beautifully—in an abridged form—on vinyl, with a hypnotic score by Philadelphia-based soundtrack composer Chris Bozzone, and a beautiful read by actor Laurence R. Harvey [of The Human Centipede films and The Editor] . As you listen, let Thomas De Quincey’s opium-fueled words wash over you and transport you through time and dimension, from early-19th century England into the surreal mind of Dario Argento…and whatever you do, beware of “Our Ladies of Sorrow!”

Suspiria de Profundis marks my first of several forthcoming soundtracks that will enter the world in 2019. In the very near future, I will update the news section as other vinyl-only releases are announced. 

The end of 2018 saw the release of Cadabra's subscription-only 12" of Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell Tale Heart. Side A of this beautifully produced record features the entirety of the exceptional tale as read with emotional power by Anthony D.P. Mann. I performed the soundtrack using piano and synthesizers while Dave Barbaree added spectral layers of bass guitar and electric slide guitar. As always, the music was expertly captured and produced by Barry Knob. It was also exciting to have the music itself featured instrumentally on Side B. 

More soon!

Chris Bozzone