Ora Pro Nobis - Songs for Grieving & Mourning 7" now on sale

Ora Pro Nobis - Songs for Grieving & Mourning 7” has just been released by Cadabra Records. Laurence R. Harvey has given a beautiful and deeply moving reading of the mourning-death poems found within. I accompanied his powerful performance with Fender Rhodes, banjo, organ, synthesizers and piano. This record is yet another one-of-a-kind production that I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of. Jeremy Hush’s spectacular art captures the feeling of the content. Josh Yelle’s hand calligraphy meshes with the art and package in a seamless way. In another stroke of genius, Jonathan Dennison was able to get Stanley Burns of The Burns Archive to contribute the excellent liner notes, contextualizing the origin of these heart-wrenching poems.

Release information from Cadabra Records:



We have under 100x copies to go around of two vinyl variants that will be available.

* Limited pressing of 300x

* Pressed on 160 gram vinyl

* Includes fold-over sleeve 

* Liner notes by Stanley Burns of The Burns Archive 

* Art by Jeremy Hush

* Hand Calligraphy by Josh Yelle

Ora Pro Nobis is a collection of mourning-death poems that were collected as postcard sets (called song cards) nearly a century ago to help cope with grief, mourning and loss. We’ve adapted these beautiful pieces into audio as it’s the first of its kind. This is a must-have for those with an interest of mourning art. 

Chris Bozzone