Reflections on The Bungalow House "Live"

Thank you to the visionary behind Cadabra Records, Jonathan Dennison, for making The Bungalow House "Live", such an amazing and historic event, a reality! It was incredible on every level and I'm so glad that it seemingly proved to be a rewarding experience for everyone that attended. It was an honor and a privilege to have played a part in performing the soundtrack to the astonishing reading and performance that Jon Padgett gave of Thomas Ligotti's masterpiece. I'm still in awe of Jon and his powers as a voice actor and stage performer. I had the great pleasure of meeting Jon the night before the performance, spoke with him at length about his inspiring work and life. He is a remarkable and kind person in addition to being such a phenomenally skilled voice actor and author. Also, it was such a treat to kick back after The Bungalow House performance and hear Jon give such a glorious reading of his modern classic, 20 Simple Steps to Ventriloquism. Barry Knob and I gave it our absolute all to recreate The Bungalow House soundtrack faithfully while still letting other, hopefully, surprising and exciting elements creep in. Brad, the wonderfully talented live sound engineer did a tremendous job in getting everything to sound so beautiful for the entirety of the performance. I couldn't imagine a more fitting environment to perform The Bungalow House in compared to the extraordinary space that is The Convent. Jeremy Hush went above and beyond to ensure that the event was a highly memorable one for all and is another wonderful and thoughtful individual. It was also great meeting the super talented and friendly Dave Felton, who created the fantastic poster for the event. Cadabra Records has the most passionate and fun-loving fans of any label I've ever encountered. It was pure joy meeting so many people that care so deeply for the beautifully made and lavishly put together fetish objects that Jonathan Dennison so brilliantly releases into the world in vinyl form. The fan base that has so naturally grown out of Jonathan's completely singular vision is a testament to him being the exceedingly rare person that he is in getting the very best out of everyone that he works with, irrespective of the artistic medium at hand as each magnificent release and all elements within it always seems to come together so seamlessly. Endless thanks once again to Jonathan for creating such a needed place of refuge for so many of us and I can't wait for the next Cadabra Records "Live" event!

Chris Bozzone