Cadabra Records Subscription 6 now on sale

Cadabra Records has just started general sales of Subscription 6! I’m fortunate enough to have scored and co-scored several of the offerings as part of the subscription.

Included in Subscription 6 is the most massive musical undertaking I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of as I composed the soundtrack to H.P. Lovecraft’s tremendous masterpiece, At the Mountains of Madness, a 6 X LP set! An exclusive subscription-only feature will be receiving Themes From Hell 3: The Mountains of Madness, which is a full-length LP of select themes from the score I created. Close musical collaborators provided invaluable help on this one and I look forward to highlighting their important contributions. Andrew Leman has given a masterful reading of this immortal classic and Jeremy Hush will be providing the exquisite artwork. Much more on this soon!

Ginny Greenteeth is a fantastic Halloween themed 7” record written by Matthew M. Bartlett and brilliantly read by Laurence R. Harvey. Absolutely jaw-dropping artwork by Joe Keinberger will set the tone perfectly for the Halloween season. This was an incredibly fun project to work on and I’m excited for people to experience it on all levels!

Finally, I had the outstanding opportunity to collaborate with the amazing writer and voice actor once again, Jon Padgett. It was fantastic to compose the soundtrack to Jon’s phenomenal story, Origami Dreams, with Theologian for the first time and everything came together so beautifully and seamlessly. Label founder, Jonathan Dennison will be doing the art for this one!

Cadabra Records continues to break new ground, boldly charting out unparalleled vinyl releases with the utmost care given to every last detail as part of each magnificent package. Jonathan Dennison puts immense love into each and every release and it is an absolute honor to be a part of such a special label.

Subscription 6 details from the label below:


Less than 40 spots available 

What you get:


* H. P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness 6x LP set - Read by Andrew Leman and scored by Chris Bozzone. Art by Jeremy Hush. Needless to say, we’re crazy for even trying to pull this one off.  This is a full, unabridged reading of one of the best pieces of weird fiction ever written. Colossal.  Packaging is 2x triple gatefold sleeves in a custom tip-on box, includes a 24” x 36” poster and extras.

* Ginny Greenteeth 7” - Our annual Halloween themed 7” Written by Matthew M. Bartlett, Read by Laurence R. Harvey & scored by Chris Bozzone. Art by Joe Keinberger. Based on the English folklore legend Jenny Green Teeth, a serial killer is suspected in child murders in a small town. Will they ever learn of a child eating witch that lives in a near by lake? Halloween, brutal and vicious.


* Call Me Corey 12” - Our follow up to Mr. White Noise. - Written and read Matthew M. Bartlett, score Black Mountain Transmitter. A compilation of nightmare in audio form. Brilliantly original and haunting. Gatefold tip-on jacket with art by Nathan Reidt. Liner notes by Jon Padgett. Includes a 18” x 24” poster


* Origami Dreams 12” - Our follow up to 20 Simple Step to Ventriloquism - Written and read by Jon Padgett, scored by Chris Bozzone & Theologian. Fragmented dreams, images and horror become lost as reality slips away. Liner notes by Matthew M. Bartlett. Tip-on single sleeve jacket with art by Jonathan Dennison.


* Subscription exclusive: Halloween card by Cadabra Records founder Jonathan Dennison - Hand screen printed on a 7" fold-over sleeve.


* Subscription exclusive: Themes from Hell 3: The Mountains of Madness by Chris Bozzone. This will be a 12” LP of selected isolated themes from our 6x LP set, available only to our subscribers.


All subscription edition records come in their own exclusive vinyl color.

Subscribers also early access to:


* First grabs on our very limited hand poured Wax Mage vinyl variants.

* First grabs on very limited titles outside of the subscription.

* First grabs on Cadabra Illustrated.

* Free domestic shipping on additional titles when can be combined with subscription packages.

* Stickers.

* First grabs on our next subscription.


Subscription titles ship from October through March.

Chris Bozzone